5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iOS

You have the choice to buy the best.

Algen Khetran


Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

No one can deny it, smartphones and tablets have become fashionable, there is a huge selection available in the market and the consumer feels lost.

To guide you a little, we give you 5 good reasons to choose an Android smartphone or tablet rather than choosing an iOS device (iPhone and iPad) or Windows Phone.

  1. Personalization: Android is an Open Source system, an open system allowing you to modify and personalize your device . Neither Windows Phone nor iOS allow this, unless you go through complex procedures like jailbreaking for the iPhone, and more. Android remains the most customizable system on the market.
  2. A wide choice of devices and mobile applications: Indeed, whether you want a giant smartphone that does not even fit in a pocket, or a standard or a very small smartphone, whether you are financially well off or on a limited budget, Whether you want a smartphone with removable battery and sd card slot, or not, Android is the operating system that offers the widest choice of devices, depending on your budget, your preferences in design, performance, size. screens… In short, the embarrassment of choice, the choice is yours according to your needs. In addition to all this, the Android system has the Play Store, an application store rich in freebies and varieties.
  3. Bluetooth sharing: Unlike the iPhone, iPad and devices running Windows Phone 7, an Android smartphone can easily send and receive files by bluetooth from and to any device equipped with this technology. Very useful for sharing your family photos quickly for example.
  4. Connectivity with the pc: The Android system offers flexibility and ease of use in order to make its use as easy as possible. Android easily manages the MTP protocol, you can easily exchange your data with your pc while continuing to use your smartphone as normally as possible. In addition to that, one can always use the MyPhoneExplorer application (an application that exists only on Android) which allows you to connect and synchronize your device with your pc in different ways, Bluetooth, Wifi or cable.
  5. Perfect integration of Google services: YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google +, Google Search, Drive, Chrome, Gmail … All these Google services that the majority of people use on their pc on a daily basis, are close at hand on n ‘ any Android device and are seamlessly integrated with it. You will not feel out of place.

Of course, no system is perfect, and Android like all the others, has its drawbacks too, however, the reasons we have just told you about are very important before buying a smartphone or a tablet.

And if not for you, what is the main reason that led you to choose an Android device over iOS or Windows Phone?