Microsoft Expanding Customization Options for Windows 11 Widgets

Microsoft enhances Windows 11 with customizable widgets, allowing users to use different accounts, curate content, and plans to introduce character count in Notepad, all currently in testing for future updates.

Algen Khetran


Microsoft is testing new features for Windows 11 in the Canary channel, focusing on enhancing widget customization options. Users will soon have the ability to use a different Microsoft account for widgets, offering more flexibility beyond the account associated with Windows.

Additionally, Microsoft is introducing the option to select the content displayed in widgets, allowing users to personalize their widget experience by removing unwanted articles or news.

These adjustments aim to make widgets more appealing to users with specific preferences. In addition to widget improvements, Microsoft plans to update Notepad in Windows 11 with a character count feature, enabling users to view the total number of characters in a document or a selected text fragment.

The ability to “edit Notepad” directly from File Explorer is also under testing. It’s important to note that these features are still in the testing phase and not yet available in the stable version of Windows 11. Users can expect these enhancements in future updates.

Originally published at on December 9, 2023.