Voiceless Calls: Android’s Inclusive Feature Redefining Communication

Google introduces a groundbreaking Android feature, enabling real-time written messages during calls.

Algen Khetran


Google has introduced a groundbreaking Android feature that transforms phone calls, allowing users to write messages read aloud during calls.

Aimed at enhancing accessibility, this tool is especially beneficial for individuals with speech or hearing impairments and functions effectively in noisy environments.

Users can compose written messages, converted into voice in real-time, including simulated voice options.

Similar to Samsung and Apple solutions, it offers live captioning of the other caller’s speech.

Presently limited to Pixel 6 devices, this innovation signals a move towards inclusivity in communication technology, envisioning potential expansion to more devices in the future, fostering a more accessible and connected society.

Originally published at https://articleoutsider.blogspot.com on December 6, 2023.